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Free 24/7 helpline for business owners managing Fair Work Act issues

This free helpline is provided by Employsure, Australia’s largest provider of workplace relations advice to employers. It is a private business with no affiliation to any government agency. It provides this helpline as part of its commitment to helping all business owners achieve fair and safe workplaces.

Employsure helps over 19,000 employers in Australia manage their staff in accordance with the Fair Work Act, including areas such as:







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Recent feedback on advice provided by Employsure

I love the free helpline!

So many questions were answered, with nothing being too difficult for the staff to answer. It made the experience pleasurable, and easy to transition.

Anna New South Wales

You guys are good…I mean REALLY good.

Great people and big help, excellent communication.

John Western Australia

Great service and follow up.

Very helpful, answered practically all of the questions we had and had a solution/answer for everything .

Adrian New South Wales


I found employsure to be very easy to use and very responsive with there actions

Andrew Victoria

Very helpful, lovely to work with.

Employsure so far has done everything they said they would on time and in an easy to follow format.

David New South Wales

I have recommended Employsure to many other business

Incredibly helpful would recommend to any other business

Katrine South Australia

It has taken all the pressure of me!

It has taken all the pressure of me to do anything and to setup documents and the support line has been wonderful.

Nicole New South Wales

My dealings with Employsure has been great

Perfect for small business advise, simply great for someone to talk to.

Steve Queensland

Peace of mind regarding employees and workplace safety.

Fantastic professional service, makes me feel confident in running my business correctly.

George Victoria

Excellent staff

Very helpful and reassuring to have professional backup with staff issues.

Shane S. New South Wales

Available and patient

Tom, Dean and Matilda were all well informed and gave us great advice. The documentation is great

Lucie Queensland

I would recommend Employsure

Employsure have extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. All documentation is very thorough and professional. Employsure is extremely user friendly.

Sandra New South Wales

Employsure helps over 19,000 employers in Australia manage their staff in accordance with the Fair Work Act, including areas such as:







+ any questions related to the Fair Work Act
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Why call Employsure for your Free 24/7 Fair Work Act Help?

Free Helpline
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Why call Employsure for your Free 24/7 Fair Work Act Help?

Employsure is here to support employers in managing the complexities of the Fair Work Act, ranging from pay rates, dismissals, redundancy, modern awards, allowances, entitlements and more.

Free and available to all employers
Advice given by experts based in Australia
Straightforward business focussed advice
Independent from the government regulator
Answers to your questions
Peace of mind that you are doing the right thing
Is Employsure affiliated with any Government Agency?

No, we have no affiliation to any government agency, including the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO). Unlike the FWO, we only provide advice to employers, focussing on how they can manage their business in accordance with the Fair Work Act and related regulation. We are proudly independent, advising over 15,000 employers in ANZ, helping them to achieve their business goals through fair and safe workplaces.

Employsure’s Fair Work help allows you to stay focussed on your business,
supporting you to provide your employees with a fair and safe workplace.

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